And finally … Rudaí 23 – Making it all work together!

Wow I cannot believe we’ve finally come to the end of the course – it has been a brilliant experience and I have learned so many new things, many of which I intend to keep using in the foreseeable future.  Thank you so much to all the contributors on the course for their hard work, informative posts and the kind words that made all the difference when I had doubts on some of my blog posts.  I would most definitely recommend this course to others and have shared with my colleagues (even those outside the library) quite a few of the useful things that Rudaí23 posted.

Back to the topic in hand – social media management tools – which I never knew existed but can make life so much easier and simpler when you start using them.  I was becoming pretty confused amongst all these new accounts I had set up and drowning in all the various posts I hadn’t quite managed to get to before they disappeared way down the scroll bar.  The tool I gravitated towards was Hootsuite as it seemed the one that had the most functionality.  I created a free account and added my 3 allowed social networks – my work facebook page, my twitter account and my linkedin account – all done quickly and easily. I mentioned Hootsuite to my colleagues who are very interested in using it to collect our various social media accounts into one space, they saw a real advantage to sending a message instantly across all of our registered social media accounts and also the ability to schedule these posts to publish at various times. Looking forward to seeing how we all get on with it over the next few months!

Just wondering what am I going to do with all my spare time now that this course has finished …


2 thoughts on “And finally … Rudaí 23 – Making it all work together!

  1. Ha, ha, I guess you’ll just have to use the time to put all those excellent new skills to good use in the library 🙂
    Well done on finishing Mairead. You really embraced this course wholeheartedly and you were the ideal participant! Thanks for the kind words in your post. Now go to the website and fill out your certificate application form and you’re done!! But do please check back in with us. We’re hopping to organise some sort of get together and would love for you to attend. Best of luck and hopefully we’ll meeting the real world soon! I’m signing you off as fully completed, so you will definitely receive your cert.
    Congratulations on finishing again.


    1. Thanks Stephanie, I’ve filled out the form and am looking forward to receiving my certificate in the post – I will display it proudly on my wall at work! I’d love to see some of the Rudaí23 bloggers in the real world so will keep checking in re the get together.


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